about us

Devon Fuels is a local family run business. Our staff have considerable experience within the fuel industry and their local knowledge allows us to provide an unrivalled service at competitive prices.

Devon Fuels have supplied home fuel throughout Devon since the 1980s. The business was originally a Shell Distributor and was taken over by Tincknell Fuels in the 1990’s. In 2012, Tincknell Fuels sold their Devon business and the Devon Fuels name to Heltor, a devon based family run fuel business. The company has now been rebranded and has offices in Plymouth, Exeter and a new depot in Barnstaple.

We offer a personal service from friendly local staff in all our depots. We will deliver a minimum quantity of 500 litres and we operate a full range of tankers, from our smaller baby tanker ideal for getting into those tight deliveries to the largest artic tankers making deliveries of 36,000 litres.


Competitive Prices
Local Staff
Small Delivery vehicles
Reliable Delivery Service
Budget payment service
Own brand lubricants
Shell, Castrol all main brand lubricants are available
Fuel additives
Fuel tank supply

frequently asked questions

Why should I use Devon Fuels?

Devon Fuels is a local family run business and is part of the Heltor group of companies which has operated in the south west of England for over 50 years. Our staff have considerable experience in the industry and their local knowledge allows us to provide an unrivalled service at competitive prices.

Which heating oil do I need?

Although some domestic boilers use gas oil, the vast majority of oil fired boilers and aga’s are fuelled by kerosene. If you are unsure please contact your nearest depot.

Does the quantity I order affect the price?

Larger quantities are cheaper to purchase per litre than smaller quantities, the most common order size is 900 litres, this is the most economic to you and us.

Do you operate smaller tankers?

At Devon Fuels we operate a range of tanker sizes including what we call our baby tankers.  These vehicles are amongst the smallest in operation in the area and as such we can take on complicated deliveries.to even the most rural and hard to reach areas.

How do I pay for my oil?

Payment can be taken over the phone by debit card or alternatively you can sign up to our monthly budget payment scheme.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Devon.

  • Exeter
  • Plymouth
  • Barnstaple